2012 Program

You can download the final program UofT-film-fest-program-2012-final.pdf.

U of T Film Festival 2012 : April 2, 2012 [NEW DATE]

Hart House Music Room


7:00pm Reception ~ 8:00 Screening

PART 1: 57:00

*The Fourth Wall (2:26)

Tanya Hoshi

The world isn’t as it seems when a young student realizes his life has an audience.

Blind Luck (1:30)

Diane Aarts

A seeing eye dog must choose between his owner and his favourite toy.

*Charlie the Bear (3:00)

André Mileti

A kitschy teddy bear experiences adoration, competition, abandonment, and redemption while serving as a fly-on-the-wall for a relationship that begins and ends.

Sweat (4:31)

Scott Yamamura and Scott Cavalheiro

An aging ballet dancer finds his inner strength to carry forward, to push on through his pain, driven by his own inner music.

*Coming Soon! (4:14)

Carlo Schefter

A horrifying tale of greed, sex and power.

Notes from the Kuerti Keyboard (5:30)

David Eng

Legendary Canadian pianist Anton Kuerti ‘performs’ Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 18 in E-flat major on an antique Underwood.

*Echoes (3:40)

Jeremy Brooks

Bale is a prisoner of war who is haunted by the memory of his deceased friend.

The Music Box (1:58)

Nicole Bazuin

A young girl’s imagination takes flight when dance is inspired by a beautiful music box.

Dolime Dilemma: Water Proof? (12:14)

Kristy Neville

Bringing the global concern for our water supply closer to home; to Guelph, Ontario. Is there adequate security for Guelph’s groundwater supply? Are our fundamental resources really being protected in Ontario?

*Broken Bricks “Pop Song” (2:50)

Nicole Bazuin

Local rockers Broken Bricks representing the neoplastic music movement. Shot on Super 8 film.

Rocktoberfest (14:30)

Rick Palidwor

Dry stone wallers descended upon Hart House Farm for a weekend walling festival. Magic ensued.



PART 2: 55:00

*Run 2 U (3:40)

Rudy Silvamer

Music video used as audition for CBC’s Cover Me Canada. The video got me an interview on CBC Radio One in January 2012.

*Student Wars (2:30)

Jeremy Brooks

Star wars light sabre battle

*Down by Riverside “Where did the money go?” (5:00)

Carlo Schefter

Down by Riverside play their song “Where did the money go?” for the Occupy Toronto movement.

*The Wall of Time (9:30)

Agnieszka Bryk

My interpretation of Horace’s motto: “Live a day”. Time may be your best ally or your worst enemy. This depends on you. If you do not understand it, only time can help you to figure it out.

Gotcha (1:23)

Sandra Loke

Chuck the space explorer has landed on an alien planet. While gathering specimens, he encounters a monstrous mechanical beast that threatens to cut his adventures short.

Puppets (9:34)

Jacob Stein

A distraught and delusional man attempts to see the young daughter he barely remembers.

*Jack Backhand in “The Big Slap” (18:05)

Nicole Bazuin

A 1939 studio block buster production goes awry and is abandoned to the scrap heap. Until now.

*For Eyes (5:07)

Katie Billo

A subjective experience in love, looking, and the line between admiration and invasion in a world of visual technology.



Only titles marked * are eligible for Hart House Film Board prizes.

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